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Identify a swimmer's ability at a glance!

Swim ID Swim Safety Band

       Our unique product can be described as an accessory to better classify swimmers of all skill levels. SwimID stands out from wristbands and anklets, because the SwimID necklace can be easily seen at all times when swimmers are in the water.

      SwimID uses the stoplight system to group swimmers:

Green - no restrictions, Yellow - some restrictions, Red - restrictions. Based on swimming ability, swimmers are given the appropriate SwimID colored band to wear around their neck.

       Stock colors are pictured above, and custom colors are available. Request your free sample today!

Let's take a closer look...

See how it works!

SwimID closed
SwimID open

SwimIDs are made from soft, flexible vinyl that can breakaway with a gentle tug.

Perfectly safe!

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